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New Manufacturing Capacity

No Touch, Certified SAFE QUALITY FOOD LEVEL 2 Packaging featuring complete NEW 1.8 Million Dollar Production Plastic Jar lines with Digital AUTO-Vision QC Systems. Rez-Tech also invested in a new 4 stage AutoClave Sterilizing System that pumps up to 352 F Degrees for 5 hours then adds 16,000 PSI pressure to ensure our Plastic Jars are SAFE

clear plastic handle Jar holds 5 lbs spices

Handle Jars in FDA PET Plastic

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clear plastic handle Jar holds 5 lbs spices
Clear Plastic Nesting Tubs


Control the Cost  Save the Planet

Clear Plastic Nesting Tubs
Plastic Jar in Pinch Grips Designs

Get A Grip on

Get A Grip on Sales with Pinch Grip-it Plastic Jars

Plastic Jar in Pinch Grips Designs

We Manufacture Clear Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

Jar sizes from 32 oz up 2 gallons

Rez-Tech's plastic jars have thread or snap mouth lid diameters of 3.5 " (83-89mm) up to 8" dia (200mm) .   Rez-Tech SQF Manufactures up to 67,800 plastic jars per day. Our New Multi-Million Dollar Production Capacity Utilizes The MOST Recycled Plastic In the World (PET), which reduces the Impact of Your Package's Carbon Foot Print by the Container Design and PET Plastic Material. Rez-Tech's "No Touch" SQF Manufacturing Systems builds on SAFE and Efficient Clear Plastic Jars for our Clients and Employees.

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1. Foods, Dry
2. Snacks
3. Liquids
4. Spices
5. Others Stuff
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1. Less than 5,000 pcs
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Plastic Jar Designs


PET Handle Jars

Starting with Jar # HPB160 , our 160 fld oz. and more coming.... The Jar Man has designed the replacement to the 30 year old oblong 5# spice handle container for spices, snacks, foods, bird seed and ice melts.. Made in the USA at economical speeds to meet the most demanding schedules.

Pinch Grip 64 oz for peanut butter filled pretzels, mixed nuts, and candy

Pinch Grip Plastic Jars

New Plastic Jar, 64 oz square, ergonomically designed with Deep Finger Grips and rounded corners... improving impact resistance. Made with Recyclable FDA PET clear plastic . Enquire about Rez-Tech's New Pinch Grip Jar # SQ064-68

Clear Plastic Nesting Tub Container for Licorice, Pretzel Rods, Hard Candies & Chocolates
Plastic Oblong Handle Jars for Spices-Ice-Melts

Nesting Plastic Tubs

Plastic Tubs - Save the Planet, Save Your Self,...Save 500%-600% on Space in the warehouse storage (THATS 5 TIMES LESS in canister space).  Reduce Greenhouse gases by 411%-512% by shipping freight 5X more condensed plastic tubs. Order 5X less often for Easier Logistics and 420% less Freight Cost on Rez-Tech's Nesting Plastic Jars!

Clear Plastic Jars Wholesale

Clear Plastic Containers

With 38 years of Making Clear Plastic Jars... Rez-Tech Has over a 112 Different Variations of PET Plastic Jars and FDA PVC plastic wide mouth containers.

SQF Certified Manufacturer

Layer 26.psb

Rez-Tech Corp. has invested $1,800,000 USD into NEW complete Production Systems utilizing Intravis 100% Spot Watcher's QC Digital Vision PCs. This added QC supports our SQF Certification Level 2 in process and production certification standards that Big Box Retail and Vendors need Traceability as a foundation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) . HACCP is a food safety management system based on the Food & Packaging Principles defined within it.


Kellogg Handles Premium with Rez-Tech's Plastic Handle Jars

We asked Rez-Tech Corp. To bring to market a unique line extension offering for our Club consumers.  ... delivering a unique and exciting offer to both our customer and end consumers.

Preztel Barrels and Canisters

Preztel Barrels of Fun with Increased Sales

We have many Salty Snack Clients that have used our Barrels for increasing their reach inthe club store sales channels.

Preztel Barrels and Canisters

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